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Better Bedder
Judy Krauss (Bear, Delaware)
Best idea ever

I bought mine a few years ago and it is the best. Makes changing your sheets so much easier. Such a great idea.

Better Bedder
judith brown (Cathedral City, California)
It’s wonderful

I got one after surgery, 3yrs ago.
It was a game changer for me. It’s well made, I’m still using it.

Better Bedder
C.B. (Ardmore, Oklahoma)
Wonderful product for a restless sleeper

I love this! I get up and my sheets are still in the pockets I have a deep mattress so when we started we went and put the mattress pad and fitted sheet on the bed. We then put the better bedder on over them everything tucked in nicely. When we changed sheets, just pilled them out from the better bedder. My pad stayed in place and the new fitted sheet was easy to slide into the better bedder. There are no clips or fasteners! Very pleased and I'm 71 where has this been all my life!

Better Bedder
E.S. (Round Lake, Illinois)
Very Happy

I bought 2. One for my bed and the other for the spare bedroom. It was easy to put on. Just follow the video. It fit my queen mattress great. I have had no issues. I will make a little adjustment when I do my sheets next week.

Better Bedder
Jonathan (Atlanta, Georgia)
Love it!

These are the best. Work great on my adjustable bed when nothing else did. Suggestion - make them in black for darker sheet sets. Thanks!

Better Bedder
Neil Ryan (Grafton, Ontario)
It Works

We are very happy with our Better Bedder. It does the job. One area of improvement is the cost to ship to Canada was VERY expensive. An improvement would be if you can get the cost down of shipping.

Better Bedder
shirley meredith

Love love my better bedder! Was paying someone to change my bedding as I was not able due to back issues and arthritic hands. Great to now be able to do it for myself when it is needed and not when someone is available to do it for me. The money I’ve saved paying someone has paid for it already!

Better Bedder
Karly Stanislovaitis (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

I was skeptical at first, but this invention is legit amazing.

I could never put on a fitted sheet by myself, and I tried (and failed) so many times.
I purchased this out of sheer frustration, and now I can change the sheets in under 5 minutes no problem.
I don’t know the science of how it works, but it does.
I’m so happy with my purchase!

Better Bedder
William Lindeke (Tacoma, Washington)
Absolutely Essential!!!

At first I was skeptical, but got one a couple months ago and that ended my constant struggle changing the fitted and plain sheets! Now I don’t dread changing my sheets and they stay nice and snug between changes! Just ordered second set for the guest bed - but they will have to make it themselves!!!

Better Bedder
Jeri Jones (Coarsegold, California)
But of the Year!

I have a queen heavy oak-frame, for poster bed. Due to the size and layout of my bedroom, it has to be placed up against the wall on one side. What a pain for this 67 year-old lady to move that beast away from the wall to make the bed. Not anymore! I received my Betterbedder, followed the instructions for putting it on and it’s perfect. Have not had to move my bed once since the betterbedder on. So, so easy to have a smoothly made bed every day. Thank you!

Better Bedder
Karen (San Jose, California)
Best night’s sleep ever

I confess I was doubtful. If it wasn’t for the 30 day trial period, I probably would have procrastinated putting it on my bed. I guess I was scared it wouldn’t fit. Or I wouldn’t do it right. However, the tutorials/videos make it so simple! I made my bed and then last night I slept in it. When I woke up this morning, I realized I had had the best night’s sleep EVER. My sheets stayed where they were supposed to.
I can’t thank Better Bedder enough for coming up with this amazing concept.
I am sad that I didn’t find it sooner but Better Bedder now than later 😉.

Better Bedder
Peggy Lund (Honeoye Falls, New York)
Not so much

It’s works great keeping the corners on, but the sides don’t stay tight, they become very loose and flimsy and the sheets are not comfortable to sleep on because they bunch up , it’s to bad, it does do what it’s supposed to by keeping the corners for popping up, it’s just causing another problem

Better Bedder
Elaine Reagan (Bay City, Texas)
Best Thing Ever!

I’m 67 y/o and recovering from a lobectomy due to lung cancer. It had become a real struggle to make the bed every morning because my husband, who has restless legs at night, was always pulling out the bed sheets and blankets and then the weight of the blankets would pull the blankets to the floor at night requiring a complete re-makeover of the bed. I couldn’t lift the heavy mattress to get the sheets/blankets tucked back in and would literally be exhausted and out of breath each morning just from making the bed. This product has been a game changer. Now, the sheets stay in place all night and in the morning I just have to gently tuck them back into the Better Bedder at the sides. And, as an added bonus, I can tuck my iPad into the side of the BB at night so I can listen to soothing music that helps me sleep without worrying about it falling off the bed during the night. I only wish that BB would make a mattress with this system already built into the mattress. That would be the best of all worlds. I highly recommend this product.

Better Bedder
RUSSELL TETHER (Mesilla Park, New Mexico)
Yes, this works great!

We have a king size bed and we were using straps and clamps to keep the mattress cover and sheets snug. It was a HUGE pain to change the sheets.
My wife saw this and ordered it. I was skeptical, but we have been using it a month now and LOVE IT. Why didn't anyone think of this before?
No more having to lift up our very heavy mattress and connect clamps and straps. And it keeps making the bed neat and easy too.

Give it a shot. You won't regret it.

Better Bedder
Mary (Allegan, Michigan)
New bed now Bedder :)

Bought the Better Bedder and all I can say is a Big Thank You !!! I have a new wooden platform bed and a very deep foam mattress, so this not only saves me from lifting but also saves my knuckles from being smashed in the process. Just works wonderful. Order one, you won't be sorry!.

Better Bedder
Linda Stewart (Ladera Ranch, California)
Not as good for adjustable beds

The promo about the Better Bedder stated that it was good for adjustable beds. Yes, you can use the alternate instructions to put it on the adjustable bed, but adjusting the head and foot of the bed loosens up the sides of the bedding, just as if you weren’t using the Better Bedder. Honestly, if I had saved the packaging, I would sent the Better Bedders back.

Better Bedder
Christina Henson (Kerhonkson, New York)
Best decision I ever made.

I was lost. Must have fought with the sheets over 100 times . This past 5 months alone. Just about ready to try safety pins! Stumbled upon the ad Better Bedder. It looked like they were putting a garter belt around a mattress! Laughed but started thinking. This may work. Let’s give it a try. It came within days of ordering it. Fast, fast! And since I’ve been using it on my cali-king mattress. I haven’t had to put the sheet back under the corners. They stay put. I love this! It’s made making the bed bedder!

Better Bedder
CLAUDIA (New York, New York)
Greatest invention!!

We recently purchased a king size platform bed with a box spring and mattress. Little did we know that the having a box spring would make it very difficult to change the mattress sheets. Your Better Bedder has been a lifesaver. I can change our sheets without lifting the mattress and the sheet stays smooth and perfect. I dreaded changing my sheets every week. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your ad on the computer when searching for something to help with my weekly task of changing sheets. THANK YOU!!!

Better Bedder
Charles Cangialosi (Great River, New York)
Keeps my Mattress Topper in place too!!

What a wonderful idea! Not only does it keep the sheets in place, but it also holds my 4-inch mattress topper in place too. I would sometimes need to get up in the middle of the night just to readjust my mattress topper which slides during the night. Not anymore! I would love to see a black option which would look sharper.

Better Bedder
David Miller (Danville, California)
An awesome product…I love it.

Love this product. I dreaded making my King size bed because it is so heavy and sits deep into a platform foundation. To put on a fresh sheet I had to sqweeze my hand under the lip of the platform and lift the mattress that weighs a TON. While holding the mattress up I had to place the sheet with a single hand…..painful and so difficult to do. This product is awesome and I love changing my sheets now!

Is the king size better bedder the same size as a California King mattress? I ordered a California King Bedder and it appears a tiny bit loose. I wonder if a regular king would fit a bit snugger? Please reply if you would.
Thank you…..I love this product.
David Miller

Better Bedder
Marian M Ezzell (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
I was skeptical...but I was delighted

I'm 76, with arthritic hands, and I had just been complaining about how hard it was to change my bed when I saw the Better Bedder on Facebook, and ordered one. To my delight, I was able to get it installed single-handed and without injuring myself. I have a 10-inch mattress that sits inside a frame which comes up 4 inches around the sides, and it's a fairly close fit. The mattress is heavy latex--took 3 big guys to move it in--and I struggle to get stuff tucked in. Well glory be--everything went on beautifully and stayed in place overnight. It was a snap to make the bed up this morning. The videos on your site did help a lot. Thanks!!

Better Bedder
chuck mccuaig (Lake Havasu City, Arizona)
Great product, and back saver

As a 81 yr old and back surgery, this product makes making the bed doable. No more lifting of 14" mattress.

Better Bedder
E.R. (Dearborn, Michigan)
Put it on

No where to ask....
How do I put this on the mattress? No show how to install..
Thank You!

Better Bedder
Kathy Hargrove (Columbus, Ohio)
Had For Years

I’ve had my BetterBedder for at least 5 years or more. I purchased mine back from the first videos they had in 2018. Having spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia lifting the corners of my king mattress every time I changed my sheets caused me pain every time to the point I would suffer for hours after and on into the next day. And that was changing my sheets if not once a week I wouldn’t let them go past two. I can’t remember how I came across betterbedder but when I did I order one as soon as I saw the video and glad I did. I still have pain but thats only from bending over which cannot be helped when changing sheets. There is lifting the corners of the mattress to put on your sheets once the betterbedder is put on. In my life BetterBedder is the best thing that I have ever came across for my bed or for improvement of the changing of sheets of your bed.

Better Bedder
Maresa (Massapequa Park, New York)
Best thing ever!

I have an adjustable bed, and the sheets never stayed in place when the bed was raised would always come out and the bed would always need to be remade the next day! Tried many things to keep them in place and nothing worked, until I saw this thing on shark tank!!!! And said had to give it one last shot!! And it worked!!!! This is a life saver best thing ever!!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!!