17. Product Information

How often do I have to wash my Better Bedder®?

You don’t sleep on the Better Bedder® so there is no need to frequently wash it. You can wash it as often as you would wash your comforter. Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Dry low heat. Light iron when needed.

With proper care, the Better Bedder® will last the lifetime of your mattress. In fact, your sheets will last longer when you tuck them into the Better Bedder® because you will no longer be stretching them under the mattress. 

The Better Bedder® will also save you money because you can buy flat sheets that are one size smaller. Also, you’ll never have to buy an entire set of sheets. When your fitted sheet wears out, just replace it with one flat sheet.


What if the Better Bedder is not tight enough on my mattress?

We recommend that you measure your mattress to be certain you are less than two inches different from our measurements. There are “small” king mattresses and “small” queen mattresses that you may not know you have. 

If you have an odd size mattress, choose "Custom" as your size. We'll need the exact dimensions of your mattress and pictures if possible. Take a measurement of the perimeter of the mattress. Let us know if you have any unusual aspects to the mattress such as curved corners, otherwise we will assume it is a rectangle.

Custom orders are non-returnable since we would be unable to re-sell it. We have produced custom products for customers with antique beds and odd size mattresses. The Better Bedder® is a good solution because then you use any flat sheets that cover the top of the mattress-no need for fitted sheets!