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Better Bedder
C. (Kuranda, Queensland)

I love the idea of this and have just purchased mine, I too find the sides too loose and I have an electric bed and can adjust the head and feet, the sides are way too loose. Can you please develop a better bedder for adjustable beds as I love it it keeps the corners really tight but, the same as all, others the wrinkles nearly send me mad. I still love it though.

Better Bedder
E.D. (Medford, Oregon)
Wonderful Invention

This is the honest truth; about 2 weeks before I saw this product advertised on Facebook, I said to my husband ""I'm not tucking in the sheets and blankets anymore unless we're having company over". Although I am a very fit, healthy 75 year old, since we got a platform bed last year, it is cumbersome to have to pick up the king sized mattress to put on the sheets and I often break a nail or skin my fingers on the platform board. I saw this product, and had to try it. It is FANTASTIC!! Once you get it on, and I think the instructions were perfect, it is smooth going. I had a hard time believing it would hold the fitted sheet in place although I did not have to wrap it around the corners but it does and holds everything in place perfectly. The corner elastic is very strong. I am a little concerned at how long the side material will hold in the sheets and blankets but time will tell. I love it and would recommend to anyone, especially those with a king sized bed.

Better Bedder
Gerri Jean (Gwynn Oak, Maryland)

This product keeps the corners of your sheets very snug, but not so the sides of the sheets. When in the bed, the top of the seets becomes rumpled.

Better Bedder
Lorraine M Miller (La Crosse, Wisconsin)
Best thing for elder people

I do not write reviews but I couldn't help doing one for the better bedder. I hated washing sheets, I had to depend on my husband to help make the bed. It is a king bed and very heavy for an elder person to lift. With the better bedder I can make the bed myself now. The tops and bottom stay in beautifully. It is one of the best things I have purchased. I have recommended this product to several people.

Better Bedder
Karen Sironi (Austin, Texas)
The product was harder to use

Better Bedder was harder to use than just making my bed. The product states that it’s a good product for senior citizens, I found it harder to maneuver with. The product states it’s guaranteed yet when I receive the product there was no receipt contained in the package. Therefore I cannot return the product even though they say it’s got to guarantee 30 days. I have contacted both Lori from Shark tank, and Better Bedder, neither say they can help me so if you wanna try this let me know and I’ll give it to you because I can’t use it it’s sad when a company who has a guarantee of something it’s not willing to stand behind the product I have never found this to be true of any other shark tank product.

Better Bedder
James Woosley (Eugene, Oregon)
Great purchase

We live in a RV full time. Making the bed is a real workout. This product makes this project a breeze. Sheets have never stayed on bed a week before, now they never move. This project does exactly what it says. Best money spent in along time.

Better Bedder
Beth Townsend (Hamilton, Ohio)
Loose on sides

We have a sleep number bed and the bottom sheet does not stay tight on the sides when the foot and or head are elevated.

Better Bedder
Kathleen Gamache (Newport, Tennessee)
Awesome product!

I've had the Better Bedder on my bed for 3 wks now and love it! I waited this long to review it because I wanted to see if it was still as easy to use after a surgical procedure this week.
I have a 20in deep queen size mattress and could not put sheets on it by myself due to Dr only allowing me to let 5-10 lbs. The Better Bedder allows me to still do this alone!!

Better Bedder
Cathy J Bailey (Fort Smith, Arkansas)
My Bed is much Better

Love it.

Better Bedder
Lola White (Yulee, Florida)

its not what i expected not as tight no support to hold sheets in the sides which is what i have a problem with.

Better Bedder
Diana (Lexington, Kentucky)
Great but needs tweaking

In my opinion, this product needs the corner stretching to go all around the sides, not just the corners. I say that, because when I lay down its pulling from the sides making wrinkles that I hate but was expecting not to have. You did a great job in making the product, just wish it had the stretching on the sides too.

Better Bedder
sue yvanovich (Santa Cruz, California)
Great Invention!!

I LOVE the Better Bedder!!!!!! Genious!!!!

Better Bedder
Lisa S. (Pompano Beach, Florida)
Greatest invention ever!

I recently purchased a king size power bed with split twin XL matresses. I was really starting to hate the bed because of the sheets. My husband is a very restless sleeper and every morning the mattress pad and sheets were off his side of the bed. When changing the sheets, it was just an ordeal. I hated going to sleep knowing I would have to basically remake the sheets every morning. So I am watching Shark Tank and see this product. I figured I have nothing to loose..if I don't like it I will return it. So they arrived in about a week. It took about 30 minutes to put the Better Bedder on both mattress. The process was simple, but just a bit time consuming. But I also knew this was a one time process. I then put on my sheets. And Voila! it was perfect. Woke up this morning and the sheets and mattress pads were in tact and in place! It took me just a few minutes to make my bed. What a game changer! Even though there is an instruction card showing you exactly how to do it, I highly recommend watching the video (which I did after the fact) Thank you Better Bedder for saving my bed and my sanity.

Better Bedder
Tina C. (Denver, Colorado)
Such a Gift!

My daughter; Zoë has ataxia Cerebral Palsy, which effects balance & fine motor skills. When I saw this product on "Shark Tank" my heart got so happy!!
I ordered one for my daughter's bed, which is a Queen & one for our California King.
I was anticipating anxiously for them to arrive!!!
It was packaged so nicely with a beautiful note and how to put it on. I put ours on first; the California King and so easy.
Then I put my daughter's on but for the first time in her life, which she is 24 now was able to make her own bed with the help of me showing her. I got teared up because she was able to do something on her own and it made her feel so amazing!!!
I can't thank you enough for your thoughts into creating this amazing product and the blessing it will be to so many, espcially with a disability.
Thank you!!!

Better Bedder
Judith Covert (Daytona Beach, Florida)
Great for adjustable bed

I have a king adjustable bed with two twin mattress. Better Bedder works great on the mattress, corners stay without any problems. Much easier to put the sheets on.

Better Bedder
Harry Zimmerman (New Haven, Indiana)
Great for Elderly and disabled - Bought as soon as I saw it on Shark Tank

My husband and I are both in our late 60's and he is disabled, having broken his back 16 years ago. Changing sheets on our king size bed had really become a dreaded chore. I had been racking my brain for a way to help raise the mattress corners to put on the fitted sheet. Imagine my surprise to see a product on one of my favorite TV shows that was the answer to my prayers.

I do have to advise buyers to watch the online videos that show how to put the Better Bedder on the bed and then how to put the fitted sheet on the bed. We had no problems and both the fitted sheet and flat sheet are staying snugly in place. Even though we don't use it very often, I am thinking about getting one for the bed in our guest room.

Better Bedder
Debbie F. (Dallas, Texas)
Perfect Foundation Cover

I bought my king size Better Bedder to cover my foundation/box spring as I use a duvet on my bed and don’t want a bed skirt. It works perfectly! Love it!

Better Bedder
Denese O'Mara (Pekin, Illinois)

Wow! Am I impressed. Not having the sheets and blanket get wonky while I sleep, is wonderful. Much more restful sleep.
I am experiencing a learning curve with putting the sheets and blanket on and expect to get better at this.
Watch the “How to” videos is a must.
I will be getting two more for my daughter’s beds.
Thank you. This is truly a great idea and well thought out and executed😌

Better Bedder
Ruth Wallace (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)
Not a Good Fit & Now No One will answer at Better Bedder!!!!!!

I was so looking forward to getting this product to help making up my bed....I measured my mattress 3 times and ordered the Queen (Short)...well too tight...So, from Better Bedder advertisement...any us at (985)789-6410..I've tried several times & all I get is a Recorded message saying MAIL BOX IS FULL!!!! Is this anyway to do business??? I had read other reviews stating they had the same problem!!!!! Yes, I'm aware of ya'll being on Shark Tank...maybe the producers would be happy to hear about having a Full Mail Box!!!!! There have been way too many other folks reporting the Same problem!! I hope this will be posted. Thank You

Better Bedder
THOMAS W DAVIS (Porterville, California)
Perfect fit for my RV Standard Mattress

Saw the Shark Tank presentation of the product and since I live in a RV full time, and making the bed is such a chore for this Old retired Sailor, this was a great idea. I have a deep pocket 18inch mattress and I had made sheet holding clips that were a pain to put on to keep the sheets kinda in place, but after putting the Better Bedder on the mattress, what a deal. Wow. It works as advertised. Not only is so much easier for me to reach the one corner which I have to lay on the mattress to get to, everything stays in place and the bottom sheet almost looks like I had not slept in the bed. It would pass inspection in the Navy for sure. Great Job Ladies. Your presentation was "Great" and happy to received good offer and partner in the business. Glad I was watching its a perfect idea for RV'ers with different sizes of mattress as well.

Better Bedder
Andrea Brandt (Henderson, Nevada)
Better Bedder is the Best!!

I have a very heavy king size mattress that has been getting harder and harder for me to change the linens with age. I have tried numerous products to make this an easier chore but nothing has worked until I came across Better Bedder. It has been a game changer. I watched the video on how to put it on for the first time and it couldn’t have been any easier. The sheets stay on perfectly and I no longer dread changing them. I actually purchased a second one for the guest bedroom. Thank you for the fast delivery and for making linen changing day a breeze.

Better Bedder
John M. (Palm Coast, Florida)
Great product!

just wanted to say a thousand “thank you”’s for the king size better bedder that arrived (super quickly) yesterday!

Saw this on Shark Tank and knew it was just what I needed. I think the show was still on and I was placing my order! Was hopeful it was as wonderful as you were saying....and it definitely is! Fits perfectly, works perfectly, and I watched the how to video before trying to put it on and loved it (including the bare feet in the pictured bedroom). I plan to buy one for each bed in the house and I’m also thinking gifts for some hard to buy for people. How much easier it will be for my grandkids to now start putting fresh sheets on their beds! If it sounds like I’m excited, it’s because I am. Thank you!

Better Bedder
Barbara Masters (Orwell, Ohio)

Thank you for the quick shipping! I love the Better Bedder! I like a neat bed, and It was so easy to put on, tuck everything in, and wow! Just wow! I couldn't find any information about it, do you have other colors?

Thank you for your Review! We carry white as most comforters will hide the Better Bedder.

Better Bedder
Chris (Springfield, Virginia)
Works for me,

First of all, take the few negative reviews with a grain of salt, it obvious the buyers don’t know how to use a measuring tape or fail do do so and hold the manufacturer responsible. If one does the research read all the literature there would not be confusion. The owners have giving the public ample amounts of information and multiple videos on how to install it! It is four corners and tuck, plain and simple not rocket science. If you can’t achieve simple results then there are larger issues, No problem installing it, works great even on my Sleep by numbers bed which has less firmer sides, after sleeping in it you can’t pounce a quarter off the sheets but unlike others did not expect to. Great job ladies, keep it made in the USA! Forgo a little profit to keep American factories working.

Better Bedder
Lisa Heckman (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
Better than sliced bread

We have a queen size bed and like a bigger top sheet. The problem is that when I buy a king set the fitted sheet is too big. It was too expensive to buy two sets. I have been waiting for something to fix this problem. When I saw Shark tank and saw the betterbedder I ordered one the next day
It arrived and I put it on the bed it is perfect. So easy to use and solved this frustrating problem.
Thank you