Other Products

Shark Tank Products 

  1. Lion Latch - Never lose your jewelry or small items again. 
  2. Better Bedder - Of course we love this! We invented it
  3. Wad-Free® - Keeps your sheets and your Better Bedder from twisting when washed. 
  4. CordaRoy's - It's a beanbag and a bed. 
  5. Scrub Daddy - The best sponge ever. 
  6. Slawsa - It's amazing Slaw and Salsa mixed!
  7. SoapSox - Kids love this toy soap towel. 
  8. PeelAways - A sheet that just peels away - Great for bedwetters and caregivers.
  9. Rapid Rope - A must have for your car, truck and house: a rope when you need it.
  10. FlexScreen - If you are a southerner a window screen is a must have and this is the best. 
  11. Bug Bite Thing - Again, if you are a southerner this is a must have. It fixes your big bite-no more itch!
  12. TANDM Surf - Bodyboard water fun and will last many years.
  13. Hug Sleep - Snug blanket that is great for those with anxiety. 
  14. Chill-N-Reel - Drink a beer and catch a fish.  
  15. Apolla Performance Wear Socks - Compression socks that are easy to put on and work well. 
  16. Wendy's Gnome Shop - Get a Gnome for every holiday.
  17. SubSafe - The Ultimate Sub Sandwich Protector.