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No More Lifting That Heavy Mattress

Mattresses are getting heavier and heavier. With a heavy mattress, it is difficult to tuck that fitted sheet onto the corner of the mattress. The Better Bedder solves this problem because you tuck the fitted sheet into the top of the Better Bedder. You no longer tuck the fitted sheet under the mattress. 

We know people find that hard to understand. To prove it, we will show you with the quick video. Keep in mind, not everyone is bothered by lifting the mattress. That is fantastic if you are strong enough to lift your mattress and affix the fitted sheet. However, many older folks and many with disabilities can no longer put the fitted sheet on the mattress. For those customers, the Better Bedder is a game-changer. With a Better Bedder, you no longer need family and friends to help you change your sheets. Your independence is back! Click below: