How to use your fitted sheets with the Better Bedder®!

As you’ll see in this video, you’ll no longer put any sheets under your mattress ever again. In fact, you won’t ever need to lift your mattress again. You simply tuck the corners of the fitted sheets into the Better Bedder®. The Better Bedder® will keep your fitted sheets tucked and help your sheets stay in place all night.

And remember, you only put the Better Bedder on one time. You don't take it off when you take your sheets off. You tuck your fitted and flat sheets a few inches into the Better Bedder, and that's it, you've changed your sheets! You don't tuck your sheets far down into the Better Bedder and you don't tuck your sheets under your mattress.
So to summarize, here are the three things you will never do once you own your Better Bedder:
  1. You will never lift your mattress again.
  2. You don't take the Better Bedder off your bed when you change sheets.
  3. You don't tuck sheets down or under your mattress.
Finally, using a fitted sheet will not keep the sheets as tight as two flat sheets will. Using a flat sheet as the bottom sheet, in place of the fitted sheet, keeps the sheets tighter than with a fitted sheet.  You can make your bottom sheet wrinkle-free when making your bed everyday. See the instructions under the FAQ tab: FAQ #7 "Can I use two flat sheets to get a tight fit?"!