Do you need special sheets with the Better Bedder®?

No. You use your current sheets or any sheets that you like. If you bought beautiful, expensive sheets that don't fit on your mattress, they will now fit perfectly. With a Better Bedder®, you can even use two flat sheets if you’re sick of dealing with fitted sheets. Click the video below for more.

Are your sheets baggy? Are they old and stretched? The Better Bedder® will grab your baggy sheets and make them tight on your bed. Whether it’s a fitted sheet or a flat sheet, it will fit better on your bed with a Better Bedder®. Or maybe you have the opposite problem, and your sheets are too tight. They pop off the corners of your mattress at night.

Or, maybe your mattress is just too tall and your flat sheets won't tuck under the bed. You’ll just tuck those sheets right into the top of the Better Bedder®, and it will hold them in place.