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Why are we not on Amazon?

The Better Bedder is an American company based out of Louisiana.  We are family-owned and operated.  My name is Nita Gassen and my business partner is Judy Schott. Both of us born and raised in Louisiana and surrounded by family. Google us.

Judy and I appeared on the ABC television show Shark Tank. We passionately pitched the Better Bedder to the Sharks. Check out our episode which is Season 12 Episode 15.

So why we are not on Amazon?  We get this question often. There are over one million third-party Chinese companies on Amazon.  We have over 13 copy-cats on Amazon. All from China. All fakes. They don’t work.

The Better Bedder is patented and trademarked. And yet Amazon allows copycats, and those copycats even use our pictures. We have to fight and pay Amazon to get the copy-cats taken down and when the copy-cats are taken down, they pop up the next day under a new name.  On top of that, Amazon also takes a large commission, which cuts down on our profit.  Being a small family business it was just too expensive to stay on Amazon.  With the commissions taken by Amazon and the copy-cats, we could not win.

Judy and I decided to no longer sell on Amazon and only sell direct to our customers. This allows us to help the customer ourselves.  When you call or email the Better Bedder, you will get a response directly from me or Judy or one of our family members. 

We invented the Better Bedder and run every aspect of it.  We love that the Better Bedder has helped so many seniors and those with disabilities.  It has also helped those with adjustable beds, air mattresses, RV beds, trucker beds, murphy beds and on and on.  

Fakes do not work. Read the following review from a person who was tricked into buying a fake. You know it’s a fake because the Better Bedder has no clips or strings!




We want everyone to love the Better Bedder as much as we do. Buy the real Better Bedder from