Who Is This Heckler?

Another moment in time when the realization struck that our invention, the Better Bedder would change the way people make their beds. The moment occurred in the New Orleans convention center.Nita and I were exhibiting at a home and garden show and a small crowd gathered around as we were demonstrating how to use the product. There were probably 20 to 30 people surrounding the mattress and watching us show how easy it is to put your sheets on the bed. We were tucking bed sheets in and showing that you don’t have to lift the mattress.We continued. Nita was tugging at the sheet proving to everyone that you were not going to kick these bed sheets out. The sheets would stay securely in place all night long. As people watched with skepticism, a tall gray-haired man in the back of the crowd about  sixty years old proclaimed: This thing really works! We have one and it is life-changing.Nita and I looked at each other in disbelief and thought who is this heckler?  He must be making this up. We had only been selling the Better Bedder for a few months, and there simply weren’t that many out there for this man to be saying these things. We started to worry that the audience may believe that we planted the man to say favorable things about the Better Bedder. So, we asked him in front of the crowd how he knew about the Better Bedder. He then said he had bought one a few weeks prior at the Mandeville Louisiana Farmer's Market.Oh my goodness! We were shocked. That is the farmer's market in our hometown where we first started selling the Better Bedder. Sure enough, he was one of the first people willing to take a chance on our invention. We were tickled that this fan was so vocal and was an actual purchaser.

The Better Bedder really does work. We know that. And we now have thousands of fans who speak up on Facebook, Instagram, and in public proclaiming how great the Better Bedder is. We welcome all of them and you to join our family. We love you and we love our Better Bedder.


Nita at the Mandeville Louisiana Farmer's Market