Those Annoying Fitted Sheets!

Those annoying fitted sheets. They rarely fit correctly on the mattress. Sometimes the corner pocket is way too big and baggy. Sometimes the corner pocket is way too small and pops off. And when you do find the right size corner pocket for your mattress corner, the elastic on the corner wears out and is no longer as good as it was when you first bought the fitted sheet. And lastly, fitted sheets are impossible to fold. Bottomline: Fitted sheets are downright annoying.The Better Bedder is the solution for all of the problems with the fitted sheet. The Better Bedder is like a headband that wraps around the sides of your mattress. you put it on one time, and it becomes a part of your mattress.The Better Bedder eliminates the need to tuck the fitted sheet under the corner of your mattress. By eliminating lifting and tucking under the mattress, the corner of the fitted sheet will never be baggy. You simply tuck the baggy corner of the fitted sheet into the corner of the Better Bedder. The Better Bedder eliminates any slack. No more baggy corner. With the Better Bedder sheet fastener, you never have a fitted sheet with a pocket that is too big. Every pocket on a fitted sheet can be adjusted to fit perfectly.When you have a corner pocket of a fitted sheet that is too small, you don’t have to stretch the corner to tuck it under your mattress. You simply have to pull the pocket corner and tuck it into the Better Bedder. Tucking the pocket corner into Better Bedder, the pocket that was too small now fits perfectly.If you have a favorite fitted sheet where the elastic is worn out, there is no need to toss out your fitted sheet. Stretched-out pockets of your fitted sheet can be tucked into the Better Bedder. Instead of the worn-out elastic failing to hold the fitted sheet on your bed, the Better Bedder will hold the fitted sheet on your bed.Finally, if you are sick of trying to fold your fitted sheets, you can stop using fitted sheets completely. With the Better Bedder, you can use a flat sheet in place of a fitted sheet. In place of one fitted sheet and one flat sheet, you use two flat sheets. Because you tuck the sheet into the corner of the Better Bedder, there is no need to use a fitted sheet. Yep, fitted sheets are not required with the Better Bedder.  Many of us have perfectly good fitted sheets and don’t want to give them away. So, feel free to use your fitted sheets. But when it's time to buy new fitted sheets, you may want to replace them with flat sheets and eliminate buying fitted sheets forever.