Shark Tank Bound

The Better Bedder was doing so well at our local outdoor market and New Orleans home shows, we decided to embark on trying out for Shark Tank.  Little did we know that less than 1% of the entrepreneurs who try out for Shark Tank actually make it on the television show.  We were told that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to get on Shark Tank. 

Judy said no way. Good luck. She will never go on television. So, I packed up my car and drove to Kentucky for one of the final tryouts. I was determined. We were on a mission to let everyone know there was a fast, easy, neat way to make your bed and you didn't have to LIFT your mattress.

Must have been my Cajun accent and the fact that I somehow threw the words bayou and alligators into the presentation. Shark Tank called me! Even Judy was excited when Shark Tank let us know that we had made the cut.  

Judy and I presented to the Sharks with our headbands on (We were supposed to take them off but accidently left them on for the WHOLE Shark Tank presentation.)  Three offers and a deal. Our sheet fastener was a hit! We were on our way to let seniors and those with disabilities know there was an easy way to make your bed every morning without lifting your mattress.

What an adventure!  And here we are with thousands and thousands of happy customers and beautiful fans of the Better Bedder.