Hmm, Maybe We Are On To Something?

Judy and I set up a booth to display our new invention, the Better Bedder.  Would people like it? Would they know what it was? Would they buy it?  Yes. Yes. And yes!

Little did we know that we were making such a difference and solving a problem. A problem that many people have but are too ashamed to talk about it with anyone.  Not being able to make the bed or lift their heavy mattress was too embarrassing to discuss, much less ask for help.

First Saturday. In Mandeville, Louisiana, at the Trailhead. We set up a mattress on a table and demonstrated the Better Bedder.  Crowds gathered and were in awe.  We sold out our first Saturday.  (In all honestly, we didn't bring that many Better Bedders with us.)  Hmm, maybe we are on to something.

Following Saturday.  Lady comes up to us and buys three Better Bedders.  "Hey, didn't you buy one last Saturday?"  "Yes, but y'all are so new I want to be sure I have extras in case y'all go out of business. I love it".  Hmm, maybe we are on to something.

Following Saturday after that. Melissa who has her own booth at the market where she sells ceramics. She buys one and starts telling others about it. Melissa becomes our biggest Facebook fan. Hmm, maybe we are on to something.

Can't lift your mattress? Can't change your sheets by yourself? Hmm, maybe we are on to something, The Better Bedder.