Inventing With My Son Jackson

When Judy called to ask if I could "help her find an easy way to make the bed", I immediately said "sure".  Little did I know what was to ensue.  Clips and things hold the sheets in place, but that is not what she was looking for.  She wanted "AN EASY WAY TO MAKE THE BED"!  

My youngest son, Jackson, had a twin bed at the time, so I used him and his mattress as my guinea pig. I would sew a prototype to put on his bed and get his opinion of how it held up during the night.  I made that poor kid take his mattress off his bed no less than 100 times.  

Finally, we had a prototype that worked.  Not only was it easier to make the bed.  It actually kept your sheets in all night.  You no longer needed to use a fitted sheet.  And you didn't have to lift your mattress to change your sheets and make your bed.

After it was all said and done and I removed the prototype from Jackson's bed, he actually, said "wait, I don't get to keep it?  It's so much better with the Better Bedder". We had won Jackson over.

We did it.  Jackson was a trooper. He was, and still is, excited to be a part of the Better Bedder.  Thank you, Jackson, for helping your momma out!

 Momma Nita