Helping Seniors Make Their Bed is How the Better Bedder Started!

This is my beautiful Aunt Aggie.  She inspired me to turn the Better Bedder into a business. 

Originally, Judy and I made the Better Bedder to help us make the bed easier.  We did that and were happy to move on. Then one day as I was talking to Aunt Aggie, she mentioned that she was waiting on someone to come over to help her change her sheets. She admitted that she could not lift the mattress.  I was shocked, "Wait, Judy and I invented something. Maybe it will help you".  Wow, I thought. Aunt Aggie is 80+ and very independent.  She lives by herself, cooks, cleans, goes out dancing, and lives life to the fullest, but she couldn't make the bed.  

Long story short: The Better Bedder not only worked for Aggie, she told all of her friends, and I made one for each of them.  Come to find out, my own 80-year-old mother was not tucking in her sheets; she was just letting them hang.

Judy and I then realized we had a solution for these seniors as well as many others with disabilities.  We had to help them be able to make the bed by themselves.

The Better Bedder would go to market!  And we did. We are a family business operating in the good ole USA.

Thank you to the thousands of happy Better Bedder owners. Welcome to the Better Bedder family. 


Nita's Aunt Aggie