Helping Caregivers Help Others

Many caregivers, caretakers, and sitters must change bed sheets frequently. Taking care of someone in need is a special calling. Taking care of a spouse, parent or friend in their time of need is a rewarding experience. Part of that experience, changing bed sheets, can be difficult and cumbersome. Changing sheets puts a strain on the caregiver and on the caregiver's back. When the mattress is heavy and you have to lift the patient, the burden is a big one. 

There is a solution. The solution is the Better Bedder. With the Better Bedder, you don't tuck the sheets under the mattress. Since you don't tuck under the mattress, you don't need to lift the mattress and the patient. You tuck the sheets in from the TOP, never under the mattress.

With the Better Bedder, the patient can remain on one side of the bed while you pull the sheets out of the Better Bedder and replace the sheets by tucking them into the top of the Better Bedder. Next, you move the patient to the other side of the bed and repeat.

Caregivers call us and tell us how the Better Bedder has helped them. On May 23, 2020, we received the following voicemail to the Better Bedder phone that warmed our hearts:

"I'm just calling for Nita and Judy to tell them thank you so much for this Better Bedder. Because I'm 75 and a half and just putting fitted sheets underneath a mattress has been so difficult for me for the past 13 years...taking care of my husband who had a stroke and trying to make the bed...sometimes more often than I want to. And this works so well I wanted to thank them. Bye."

And remember, you don't need to buy new sheets or special sheets. Whatever sheets you currently use will work with the Better Bedder. Look at the picture below and see how you tuck the sheets from the top. Let the Better Bedder help you help others.


Tucking at the Top