Heavy Mattresses and Adjustable Beds

Nita and I can list about a hundred reasons people have purchased the Better Bedder. Of those reasons, two are the most common:

My mattress is too heavy for me.


My sheets won’t stay on my adjustable bed.

Let’s talk about each of those problems. Your mattress is too heavy. Now it might not be heavy for someone else, but your mattress is too heavy for you. You might have had a recent surgery (get well soon). Or you might be a cancer survivor (congratulations, me too) or you might not be as young as you used to be (yep, I get that) or you might have a bad back, shoulder, wrist, neck (did I miss any?).

The other heavy mattress problem is that manufacturers are making some very heavy mattresses these days. We’ve received phone calls, emails, and chats from people complaining about the mattress they were sold. In the store, they had no idea the mattress was heavy. The mattress looked great, and the salesperson convinced them it was a good buy. Not until the mattress was home did they discover the problem. The mattress was heavy and deep, both causing difficulty with putting on a fitted sheet as well as tucking the top sheet under the mattress (the very heavy mattress).

The Better Bedder is the solution for a heavy mattress. Think about it: the Better Bedder wraps around the sides of that heavy mattress. The Better Bedder is pushing against the four corners of the mattress. Instead of struggling to stretch your sheets under the mattress, you simply tuck your sheets at the top of your mattress into the wrap. It's sort of like tucking your shirt into your pants. You simply tuck downward. You are not tucking "under" anything. Flip the four corners of the Better Bedder down, push sheets a few inches into the Better Bedder, flip the corners of the Better Bedder up, and you’re done.

It’s that easy. No lifting the mattress. No tucking under the mattress. No struggling.

The second most common reason customers buy a Better Bedder is because their sheets won’t stay on their adjustable bed. They buy this beautiful and expensive adjustable bed only to realize as soon as the bed is lifted, the fitted sheet pops off and the top sheet loosens. The Better Bedder solves both of these problems and lets you use your existing bed sheets. You don’t have to spend money on new sheets.

Again, the Better Bedder wraps around the sides of the mattress. When the bed is lifted, the sheets are held against the mattress. Your sheets will still bunch up in the middle because as the bed is lifting, there is more fabric than mattress surface. But the sheets won’t come off the mattress.

One final note and we try to say this over and over again. Nowadays, mattress manufacturers do not accurately give you the length and width of the mattress. If you want to be certain that you’re Better Bedder will fit on your mattress, we highly recommend you measure the length and width of your mattress. That means, take a measuring tape and starting at the head of the bed, bring the tape all the way down to the foot of the bed and measure the length. Take that same measuring tape and go from one side of the bed to the other.

For an adjustable bed, the length and width of your mattress must match the length and width of the Better Bedder exactly. That is why we custom make each Better Bedder for the adjustable bed. Even with non-adjustable beds, we recommend that you measure your mattress because we have learned that there are many small king mattresses and small queen mattresses as well as a variety of other renegade mattresses out there in the marketplace.

Please measure because we want your Better Bedder to fit perfectly. We want you to love your Better Bedder as much as we do.