Gift for MOM!

When I invented the Better Bedder I had no idea that this would be the best gift I could give my mom.

My friend asked me to help invent something to help her make the bed easier.  Now my friend is very capable of making a bed. But, as we all know, it’s a pain and an unpleasant chore.  So, we went to work. And after many ideas and prototypes, we invented the Better Bedder.  We were so proud. We solved our problem.  Bed-making would now be so much easier! 

This joy was short lived when I mentioned this to my mom and aunt, who are both in their eighties.   Being in their eighties is fun to them. They are both very independent. Both live alone. Both cook, clean, shop, go dancing, play po-keno with their friends and are known to drop a few coins in a slot machine.  Normal things an eighty-year old does, right?   GUESS WHAT!?  Neither of them could make the bed by themselves.  They needed help.  

So, wait... Mom, you do all these things, but you CAN’T make your bed?  I had NO IDEA.  After speaking with other seniors, almost all of them could not properly make their bed.  But why?  Mattresses are too heavy, arthritis in their hands, bad backs and the list goes on and on.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my mom and aunt have no problem asking for help when they need it.  But asking for help to make their bed or change their sheets... well that was embarrassing and personal. So, they just didn’t ask for help. So, no one knew.

This is when I knew the Better Bedder was not just for my friend.  It was meant for my mom, my aunts, my friends’ moms, and all the seniors that I love so dearly.  

We decided to take the Better Bedder a step further and have it manufactured because we realized the Better Bedder was not just for lazy people. The Better Bedder is for the seniors in my life and in your life who want their independence and want to make their beds by themselves.  

Give your mom the perfect gift this year. You won’t regret it!


Donna M. (Fort Mill, South Carolina)

Don't order one.... get one for each bed in your house!!!

My 90 y/o mom was saying it was taking her so long to make her bed and she was having trouble tucking in her sheets. When I saw the Better Bedder I thought this might solve her problem! I order one for my spare bedroom and one for my master bedroom. They both arrived quickly and were packaged so nicely...tied with a bow! My mom arrived two days later for a 2 week visit. I showed her the Better Bedder and asked her to let me know what she through. She LOVED it! I didn't order her one because I wasn't sure if it would arrive before we took her home, so I gave her the one I have and I'm now ordering two more (maybe three) for my two guest rooms.

I am recommending it to everyone. My sister has already ordered at least two and my son & DIL want one or two also! This is the best "find" in a long time. I wish I could rate this 6 stars...or maybe ten!