Adjustable Beds

When Judy and I started this adventure, we had NO IDEA that so many people had adjustable beds. We also thought the full size would be our best seller for non adjustable beds.  Boy, how wrong we were.  Since that time, we have learned so much.  We now know that the most popular bed size is the queen, as it should be. 

In the early stages customers would buy our Better Bedder for their adjustable beds and would buy a standard size, twin xl, queen, full, king. The Better Bedder worked but not as good as it did on the non adjustable beds.

Judy and I were on a new mission: Solve this issue.  We soon realized that most, if not all adjustable mattresses are not a standard size.  So even if the manufacturer labels it a twin xl (38x80) it is most likely not a true twin xl.  It's always a little smaller than the standard sizes.

We also learned that on about 10% of the mattresses when raised, the Better Bedder would "bow out" at the sides".  There was no rhyme or reason for this, and we were baffled.

The solution:  We now make the Better Bedder to custom fit the adjustable beds.  This is why we need you to ACTUALLY measure your mattress.  The Better Bedder works as it should if the Better Bedder fits exactly.  We also discovered that if your Better Bedder 'bows out" you can "use a ribbon or sash" to tie a loose knot at the side of the Better Bedder and this will prevent the "bow out".

We are still improving the Better Bedder and the Better Bedder for the adjustable bed.  Stay tuned as our Adventure continues.