A toast to 2021 Review #8

A toast to 2021 with 21 of our favorite reviews!✨🥂✨
#8 “Let me first start off by saying that the Better Bedder pretty much saved my marriage. We have a Tempur-Pedic queen sized mattress, which I incorrectly assumed was a standard queen size (80" x 60"). When I originally ordered the Better Bedder in the standard queen size the fit on our mattress seemed to be a little too loose and wasn't holding the top sheet in place like we were hoping that it would. After reaching out to Support, the good folks at Better Bedder recommended that I measure our mattress to make sure it was a standard size (advice which if I had actually paid attention while ordering, I would have already seen on the shopping page). Sure enough, our mattress measured at 77.5" x 58". While this may not seem like much of a difference, I can attest after exchanging the Queen for a Custom Size that it makes all the difference in the world. Now that we have the correct size on our mattress, my wife is happy and I'm free to kick my feet like a dog running in its dreams.” -𝐌𝐢𝐤𝐞 from McFarland, Wisconsin
Better Bedder measure your mattress before ordering