2. Video: How do I put sheets on without lifting my mattress?

You no longer need to lift your mattress to change your sheets or make your bed. With the Better Bedder®, you simply tuck from the top, and your sheets will stay tight.

You will only lift your mattress one time to put the Better Bedder® on permanently. You don't sleep on the Better Bedder so you don't remove it when you wash your sheets. However frequently you wash your bed skirt, you would wash your Better Bedder.

Finally, and most importantly, because the Better Bedder grips the corners of the mattress, you won't tuck your sheets deep into the Better Bedder. You only tuck your sheets in a few inches. Watch our video showing how easy it is to put your fitted sheets on with the Better Bedder. The video is under the QUESTIONS tab question "How to tuck fitted sheets into the Better Bedder".