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13. Is the Better Bedder® guaranteed?

We guarantee that if you measure your mattress, and it is the same size as our mattress dimensions, then the Better Bedder® will work as advertised:

  • You won't lift your mattress to change your sheets or make your bed. (YES, you will lift your mattress one LAST time to put the Better Bedder® on once!)

  • You won't kick your sheets out during the night.

  • Your sheets won't be baggy.

  • Your sheets won't pop off at night.

  • Your sheets won't bunch up under the Better Bedder® if you adjust them.

Here are things the Better Bedder® won't do:

  • It won't fit if your mattress does not have the dimensions we list. As one customer told us, she was unaware she has a "renegade mattress". She always thought she had a twin. Then she bought the Better Bedder® and "it did not work". We asked her to measure her mattress. She confirmed the problem was her mattress not the Better Bedder®. Her "standard twin" was 36" x 73", not the standard 39" x 75".

  • Your sheets won't be wrinkle-free when you wake up. There will be wrinkles because you slept on your sheets!

  • Your cover sheet will be firmly gripped at the bottom but will not be held tightly at the sides. Your cover sheet will tuck nicely into the loose sides of the Better Bedder® so that you can freely move in and out of your sheets.

The Better Bedder® will work as advertised if your mattress is standard dimensions. If it is not standard, then the solution is to order a custom-fit Better Bedder®. Just because your mattress was sold to you as a twin or a queen or whatever, does not mean it really measures to that. Not only was our customer surprised by her renegade mattress, but it has happened to several other customers. Another customer was certain she had a king mattress. When the Better Bedder® did not work, we asked her to humor us and measure her mattress. It was a European king...much smaller than the standard king. She then ordered a custom Better Bedder®, and it fit like a glove.

Finally, just as we were about to post this blog, yet another happy customer from Painesville, Ohio:

"I have a king split top mattress. I'm so happy that I purchased the King Better Bedder® because it holds my feather fitted sheets which do not have to be split top now to stay on. Plus my top sheet and blankets tuck into the better Bedder too! It has saved me a lot of money as I can use my regular fitted sheets now whereas I could not before as the top would never stay on. This is a fantastic product...wonderfully made."

We have a 30-day money back guarantee. The Better Bedder will accept your return or exchange of unopened, unwashed and defective merchandise by mail. Please note that if the returned Better Bedder® is damaged or soiled, you may not receive a refund.

We will credit you for returns (minus shipping), accompanied by an original receipt, received within 30-days of the purchase for the price paid either in the original form of payment or as a merchandise exchange. Shipping costs are not refundable. Unused and unwashed returns made more than 30-days after the purchase will be accepted for a merchandise credit or as a merchandise exchange. Please note there will be a $5 restocking fee if a Better Bedder is returned opened.