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11. Video: Will it help those with disabilities?

Yes! Watch Judy's neighbor, Ben demonstrate how the Better Bedder® makes it easier for Ben to make his bed.  

We're so thankful Ben shared his story with us in this video! You'll see that the Better Bedder® is more than just a sheet fastener; it can help those with disabilities become more independent. As Ben says, "It's that easy!"

Ben, you were cool before the Better Bedder®, but you're even cooler now 😎

For anyone who struggles changing sheets on a bed, the Better Bedder makes the process easy. Anyone with a disability affecting fine motor skills or the ability to lift a heavy mattress will appreciate the Better Bedder ultimate sheet fastener. Those with arthritis, Parkinson's disease or limited mobility will be helped. 

Even someone with a broken arm or injured hand, can now change sheets on a bed. As noted in Ben's video, it is easier for those with disabilities to use two flat sheets instead of a flat and a fitted sheet. Two flat sheets eliminate the struggle with the elastic in a fitted sheet. Simply lay the flat sheet across the bed, then slowly tuck it into the top of the Better Bedder on all four sides. Take it from Ben, "It's that easy".