11. Are those reviews REAL?

You saw the Facebook ad, did an internet search, read the reviews, and are still skeptical. We understand. We would be too because we are regular people just like you. 

The story is true. Trevor and Tyler are the twin sons of Judy one of the inventors. Grandma really is their 93 year-old grandma. Nita is the co-inventor, and with her daughter Blake, they do many of our videos. We are not a big company. We are as amazed and excited every time a customer tells us how the Better Bedder® helped them.

The reviews you read are 99% strangers we have never met. We have not paid anyone to write a review on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere. It's easy to verify. Every review on Facebook is connected to the Facebook profile of the reviewer. You can easily find that person on Facebook and ask them. 

The #1 reason for returns is because customers don’t realize their mattress is smaller than normal. Mattresses sold as kings and queens are sometimes a few inches short. Lucie ordered a king Better Bedder® and it didn’t work. She was surprised when she measured her mattress and it measured as a European King. We custom-made a Better Bedder® and here is what she said:

“...thankfully I had put the better bedder on before I broke my arm. I love it, it works great and I have still been able to change the sheets with my cast on. I have told all my friends about the (we laugh) the bed headband. I think measuring the mattress is the best way to go, to have an accurate size.”

Any time we hear that a Better Bedder® "doesn't fit" we ask that you check your mattress size. We also know that the Better Bedder® does not solve every problem. It won't keep your sheets wrinkle-free (they will wrinkle when you sleep on them). On some mattresses, the Better Bedder®  may be loose because your mattress is not sturdy. 

So much better than a $15 sheet fastener, the Better Bedder® fastens your sheets and also: You won't kick sheets out. You won't lift the mattress. You will never tuck sheets under your mattress. You won't need help making your bed or changing your sheets. Your bed skirt stays in place, hooray! Your bed sheets will fit snugly on your mattress, and you can even use a BIGGER size fitted sheet or a SMALLER size flat sheet (crazy, huh?). It will hold a ton of items for you including your iPad, phone, books, glasses, CPAP mask, asthma inhalers. The list goes on. So even if you buy it for one reason and you are not happy about that reason, you may find another reason to love the Better Bedder®.